Guild Recurring Raffle/Events

On the second day of each month, starting, in June, 2017, there will be a raffle, for guildies to buy up to 10 tickets each, at 1 gold a ticket, in Guild Wars 2. Their tickets will actually be numbers in a generator, that we will have randomly pick a number on the 28th of each month. On the day we pull the number, there will be a guild event. The event will change from month to month, and is for fun, and more prizes, but the prizes are worth of much less value than the raffle prizes. The event is more intended to be a hang out and a reason for guildies to come together and do something silly. Once the event finishes, the raffle will be drawn, for which there will be 5 winners.

The raffle itself would go like this:

The 2nd day of the month arrives, and "Bobby the Guildie" sends me a mail in game with 3 gold and it says that they want 3 tickets and the mail has their gw2 account handle in it (Name.1234, for example, mine is Lyl.3028). I then put in three numbers and write down those numbers for "Bobby" on a return mail. The gold from Bobby's purchasing tickets will be used to buy future prizes for the raffle/events to keep the fun going month to month. On the 28th, there will be an in game guild event, some sort of fun thing for guildies to do together, with smaller prizes an hour after in game reset. Once the fun is had, the event will end with drawing the prize numbers, from least valuable prize to most valuable. One individual can only win 1 prize per raffle! Though the exception to this rule is you can win a prize from the normal raffle and the mega prize because they are separate number pools.

If Bobby wins one of the 5 prizes on the 28th drawing, they will receive a silly pun in an in game mail from me with their prize on the night of the event, whether they attended or not as long as they are online. If not online, I will send an in game mail stating that they won and to please let me know when they are online so I can give them their prize.

If Bobby hasn't logged in for over 2 weeks, I will send an in game mail explaining that they won, but have not logged in for a while, and to let me know that they have relinquished their prize. If I know Bobby's discord, I will message there too. The guild has a 2 week inactivity rule. If, after the two weeks, they log in and respond to my message I will refund the gold they spend on the tickets.

I will use to generate winners and post screenshots of winners each month :)
Also wanna give shout outs to donation folks at events unless they specify they want to remain anonymous

The Treasure Trove section of the guild bank will hold the prizes for the events/raffles/so on. Feel free to donate any items you think would make a good prize, or just go check it out to see what you could win. (Please note, all items put into the Treasure Trove section of the guild bank will be considered a donation and will not be returned, but used to continue the fun)

If you win, we do not care what you do with your prize. You can sell it or keep it or gift it or whatever. It is yours.